Telephone Surveys

A telephone survey, also known as computer-assisted telephonic interview, is a research method where the researcher surveys respondents over the telephone.

Unlike email surveys, researchers conduct data collection by conducting phone interviews and punching the responses themselves. Telephonic surveys are useful in a more casual setup, in cases where respondents may have a direct relationship with the surveying organization. They are also helpful to reach out to respondents whos email ids you don’t have.

Immediate response

Unlike emails, telephonic emails gather quicker responses, especially when the audience is vast and does not belong to a research panel.

Personal touch

Telephonic surveys are more expressive than email surveys, thus adding a personal touch and capturing more responses.


Telephonic surveys are more profitable, considering the high response rate compared to web surveys and and functional alternative to email surveys.

Meaningful Discussion

Salon can have a meaningful discussion, especially stressing on the open-ended questions to gather maximum data.