Solutions For Everyone


Emerging technology holds the promise of redefining mobility solutions, but companies are challenged with planning for an unclear future. Forsker is immersed in the industry and speaks with consumers daily, enabling us to deliver automotive insights and guidance for a clearer view of the possibilities.

Goods & Retail

Social commerce, supply chain interruptions, fast local delivery options, and inflation are rerouting your consumer’s path-to-purchase. Know the steps consumers take and the considerations they make so you engage them in the right place, at the right time, and with the right message.


Today’s patients demand more from their healthcare. But the challenge goes beyond empowering patients—it’s about personalizing new therapies targeted to the unique disease expression in each patient. Future-focused companies are leveraging life sciences and healthcare market analysis to empower patients and deliver on life-changing therapies.

Financial Services

Technology, social media, and demographics factor directly into people’s decisions about where to shop and how to pay bills. Our financial services consulting helps you understand how these influences shape customer transactions and how they will impact the future of payments.

Travel & Tourism

Many of us are hungry for the exotic and faraway. Others are opting for a cozy, closer-to-home holiday. The post-pandemic reality has shaken up the how, why, and where of travel decision-making. There is a new desire for fewer trips but maximized experiences.


As the telecom industry returns to its roots of communication and connectivity, standing out from the crowd to influence consumers can be tricky. While there’s no shortage of telecom market data, it’s knowing how to use the data that makes all the difference.